If We’re Going to Make the Decision “To Stay or To Leave” at least let’s HEAL FIRST and THEN DECIDE.

Married longer than us? Lived longer than us? Worked in the Mental Health Industry longer than us? ~ STILL ATTEND !!!

You might discover a new relationship healing technique or perspective that you weren’t aware of before!!”

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This Masterclass is FOR YOU if:

  • You’re currently in a long term, romantic partnership
  • You desire to be in a long term, romantic partnership and want to prepare
  • You feel like you didn’t grow up with a lot of examples of healthy relationships
  • You feel like you didn’t grow up with a lot of examples of healing before breakup
  • You feel “called” to break “generational patterns” in your family that have to do with relationships, marriage or partnership
  • You feel like your communication or conflict resolution skills need improving’
  • You feel like you just need to strengthen your relationship skills, in general
  • You desire to learn how to “get back to balance” and heal after a major disagreement/offense
  • You struggle with forgiveness or “letting go” and desire to know HOW TO
  • Just curious about how E and I navigated our partnership
  • Just want to hear a fresh or different perspective on partnerships and marriage
  • Just want some free relationship advice

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